In previous years I have organized this account in months, feelings, or media. But, because this year felt endless, I think that seasons are a better way to review it. Each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter again) is represented by a subtitle. And take into consideration that I completed this task on March 31st, 2021, and not in December as I was doing for more than a decade. But, life is hard on this timeline.

A chronological coincidence

Exactly one year ago I was getting a breakdown. A systemic failure on my belief systems. Not just we started the longest enclosed…

This is my syllabus for the course GTD 508: Tech/Dev in Latin America. This course is an elective class in the Global Technology and Development Program in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society.

It´s important to consider that all the materials in this course are in English, as well as designed for asynchronous learning, with weekly deadlines. Students get direct supervision of me during all the 7 weeks of the course, but not a direct synchronous conversation is expected or required.

As design principles, I looked to balance different kinds of media, offer parity on the gender…

First published in the Malon Constituyente, from Chile Científico.

This work was also edited by journalist and peer-reviewed by different professionals, and the product of that workshop was translated by myself.

Imagine that one day someone comes to your house and knocks on the door. It’s a state official, with a small device in his hand, closer to a tablet or a very thick mobile phone. This device runs an advanced artificial intelligence which, during each election, crosses all the citizens’ data and looks for who best represents the country or region at a given time. …

Artifacts, things, devices, and services share common characteristics. For instance, all are created by humans to satisfy their desires and needs. What we call commonly technology encompasses only a short dimension of those creations. They aren´t limited to recent digital creations, or even to objects made by atoms.

Our concept of technology is quite recent. In ancient Greek, they use the word techne to refer artificial things, in particular to craft or art projects. But as Schatzberg¹ explores the evolution of this concept, who has been used by intellectuals and the elite to undermine the techniques of craftsmen. “Some argue…

On 2006 I started to make reviews of my years, as three things:

  • An exercise of self-reflection and personal assessment for my most recent year
  • A way to share my personal experiences with people that I care about and also, people that care about me. (even if I do not know that who they are)
  • A window to see my past in the future.

“Seven years, Dawn. Working with the Slayer. Seeing my friends get more and more powerful… a witch. A demon. Hell, I could fit Oz in my shaving kit, but come a full moon, he had…

This post is to guide on my annual review: Observations (2019 in review). If you´re interested in some of these Youtube Channels or content, please follow the links.

I pick one video of each channel, most of them very recent if you want to explore them, but I do not sure if I will agree with them later, “Because everything is contingent”

Brian David Gilbert/ DougDoug

Terminal Montage/ScottFalco


Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Febrero de 2009

100 años antes Marinetti publicó el Manifiesto futurista, al que Bifo parafrasea en esta respuesta

1. Queremos cantar sobre el peligro del amor, la creación diaria de una dulce energía que nunca se dispersa.

2. Los elementos esenciales de nuestra poesía serán la ironía, la ternura y la rebelión.

3. La ideología y la publicidad han exaltado la movilización permanente de las energías productivas y nerviosas de la humanidad hacia el beneficio y la guerra. Queremos exaltar la ternura, el sueño y el éxtasis, la frugalidad de las necesidades y el placer de los sentidos.

4. Declaramos que el esplendor del mundo se ha enriquecido con una nueva belleza…

This is an automatized translation of this manifesto of 2005. The objective has this as a document to think about Latin American Futurism in a more meaningful and plural way. This manifesto thinks about cultural colonialism in fiction, as well as the challenges for the new century. The authors seem to be Osiris Reis with a collective of other people from Brasil fiction industry. Versions are in English, Spanish, and finally the original in Portuguese, for the expansion of this valuable ideas in times that futures are needed to be decolonized.

Vista do Sao Paulo. Source: Wikicommons (2013) by Julio Borao cc 2.0

Anti-Brazilitite Manifesto

We forged the term Brasilitite using “Brazil”…

This is a class comment for HSD 504 “Intro to sociotechnical systems” with Dr. Jameson Wetmore that I elaborate for the last class. We read Do not despair: there is life after constructivism (Bijker, 1993), Reproductive ectogenesis: The third era of human reproduction and some moral consequences (Welin, 2004) and Insurance as a key element in risky socio-technical systems (Johnson, 2016) as the basis for this last class conversation. In some way, this comment represents what I personally see as challenges in the technology studies realm in late 2010s.

The topic of the class is “the future of technology studies”…

PRIMERA REGLA: Encuentre un lugar en el que confíe y luego intente confiar en él por un tiempo.

REGLA DOS: Deberes generales de un estudiante — saca todo de tu profesor; saca todo de tus compañeros de clase.

REGLA TRES: Deberes generales de un maestro — saque todo de sus estudiantes.

REGLA CUARTA: Considere todo como un experimento.

REGLA CINCO: Ser auto-disciplinado — esto significa encontrar a alguien sabio o inteligente y elegir seguirlo. Ser disciplinado es seguir en el buen camino. Ser autodisciplinado es seguir de una mejor manera.

REGLA SEIS: Nada es un error. …

Marciano Martín

土 龍 Oscilando desde 1988 / Oscilating since 1988

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