“He ideado una serie de reglas que describen nuestras reacciones a las tecnologías”, escribe Douglas Adams en El salmón de la duda.

1. Todo lo que está en el mundo cuando naces es normal y corriente y forma parte natural del funcionamiento del mundo.

2. Todo lo que se inventa entre los quince y los treinta y cinco años es nuevo y emocionante y revolucionario y probablemente puedas hacer carrera en ello.

3. Todo lo que se inventa después de los treinta y cinco años va en contra del orden natural de las cosas.

In previous years I have organized this account in months, feelings, or media. But, because this year felt endless, I think that seasons are a better way to review it. Each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter again) is represented by a subtitle. And take into consideration that I…

This post is to guide on my annual review: Observations (2019 in review). If you´re interested in some of these Youtube Channels or content, please follow the links.

I pick one video of each channel, most of them very recent if you want to explore them, but I do not sure if I will agree with them later, “Because everything is contingent”

Brian David Gilbert/ DougDoug

Terminal Montage/ScottFalco


This is a class comment for HSD 504 “Intro to sociotechnical systems” with Dr. Jameson Wetmore that I elaborate for the last class. We read Do not despair: there is life after constructivism (Bijker, 1993), Reproductive ectogenesis: The third era of human reproduction and some moral consequences (Welin, 2004) and…

Marciano Martín

土 龍 Oscilando desde 1988 / Oscilating since 1988

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